New Smell Proof Products Update: October 2017

We have some huge surprises this month! Many of you were excited by our prototype update earlier in the fall, and unfortunately, that product line has undergone a series of challenges that has delayed production beyond a reasonable date. Therefore, in an effort to deliver the products you’ve been asking for in time for the holidays, we are thrilled to announce that pre-orders are live for not one, but TWO new products.

smell proof tote bag carryall



First, a versatile, soft-sided, smell-proof carryall. With dimensions similar to your favorite Dopp kit, the Smell Proof Carryall is perfect for storing your Safety Case, full size grinder, and stash containers.

smell proof backpacks



The Smell Proof Back Pack is our new flagship piece, designed to hold larger storage containers, glassware, pipes, vaporizers, and of course your Safety Case and/or Carryall.

smell proof collection stash accessories

Both of these new items are constructed with 100% carbon lined interiors and the tape sealed waterproof zipper seams that you’ve come to expect from Black Rock. In order to provide you with the highest level of discretion, we’ve arranged for every Carryall and Backpack to be delivered with a small combination lock for the upmost security and peace of mind.

travel stash

Please be aware that this is our first production run of these new products. As a result, quantities are LIMITED! We will be ramping up our manufacturing as pre-orders roll in, but if you absolutely want your new gear before December 25th, place your order today!

We can only guarantee the first 500 orders of each product for Christmas Delivery.

stylish smell proof accessories