Product Development Update: August 2017


We have been quiet for the last few months in order to complete product development projects and plan the future of our brand beyond the Safety Case. We launched the 1.0 version of the Safety Case in 2015 with absolutely no background in product design or manufacturing. With 10,000+ Safety Case 1.0's sold to date, there is no question that we have come a long way, and your feedback has helped us get there. So before we get into new products, we want to give you an update from real customers on the improvements we made to the Safety Case 2.0. The bottom line = issues are fixed and customers are thrilled!


"Excellent customer service and great products, the zipper on my new case seems to be a lot stronger!" - Mark

"I wanted to let you know your customer service is great. Also, your new product is now perfect. The new zipper is beefier." - Nick

"I have received and am enjoying my new case VERY MUCH! The new 2.0's zipper is even better, and the charcoal filter really eliminates anything that would be considered an odor." - Dylan


Now, looking ahead. In order to share more meaningful insights with our raving fans and give you the opportunity to be a part of the brand, we will be publishing a monthly company update. You can expect to see news about our staff, product development updates, and links to surveys where you can give feedback on our progress. Without further ado, we are expanding our store offering! The first new product we are developing for next month is a full size 4-piece grinder. We know many of you love to use the Grinder Card on the go, but there is a time and a place for a multi-chamber grinder we want to offer you the best possible option. From managing ground tobacco to collecting pollen, there are so many benefits to a 4-part chamber grinder.
Grinder 4pc
Now you might be wondering, well where am I going to put that grinder? It won't fit in my Safety Case! Fear not, our larger case is also in development and we are sharing the first prototype images with you today.
weekender case
We are expanding the size significantly to accommodate a full size grinder, larger storage containers, as well as larger pipes and vapes. The case will also include a child-proof locking zipper as shown in the image above. If this new product gets you excited, be sure to share the news with a friend and stay in touch as we release more information!
Take the High Road,
Nick & Tommy