How to Clean Your Safety Case & Components for Travel

How to clean your smoking supplies

Regardless of which kit you choose, its components will benefit from regular cleaning. Sanitization of your smoking kit is especially helpful before travel or after heavy use. Aside from the obvious benefits, cleaning your components regularly also helps items like the Grinder Card and the Hitter work more efficiently.


how to clean pebble container

We will start with the Pebble since it serves as the primary storage container within the Safety Case. The cleaning directions will be the same regardless of the material you stored inside. We recommend emptying the container of any large crumbs or bits of wax and then running it under warm water for an initial rinse. For full sanitization, use dish soap in conjunction with the warm water or use 91+% rubbing alcohol until the container is free of any remaining material. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the Pebble after using soap or alcohol in the cleaning process. We suggest letting the Pebble air-dry; however, you can also use a lint free cloth if you’re short on time.


how to clean your dabber

The Tool has a tendency to become quite sticky after consistent heavy use. To clean it, we used the same techniques discussed above; rubbing alcohol and a cloth or paper towel. Use the alcohol and towel to rub away any stubborn dabs, and then give the Tool a rinse.

Grinder Card

How to clean a grinder card

Your Grinder Card has the potential to attract some sticky residue after repeated use – not to worry! Simply pour some 91+% rubbing alcohol on the grinder card and use an old toothbrush, scrub brush, or scrubber sponge to work the residue off. With some persistence, your grinder card will look good as new. Don’t forget to give the card a quick rinse with water to remove any remaining alcohol/residue.


How to clean a one hitter dugout pipe

Although its not made of glass, the Hitter should be cleaned like any other glass pipe. Use the Tool to rid the air pathway of any large chunks of tobacco, ash, and resin. Then, rinse the pipe under warm water and place it in a small zip-lock bag or bowl filled with 91+% rubbing alcohol and some salt (Epsom or table salt will work). Seal the bag closed and shack vigorously until the Hitter is free of residue.

Safety Case

how to launder your safety case

The interior of the Safety Case has the potential to gather some small bits over time – especially if used as a rolling tray. The easiest way to rid your case of any stubborn pieces is with some air. Using a hair dryer (with no heat) to blow air into your case will dislodge any bits without the need for water, soap, or alcohol. You can also spot treat any areas with warm water and soap if needed. If you use your Safety Case heavily, it may benefit from a full 'reset.' To do this, unzip and empty your case, place it in the washing machine on cold with detergent, use the gentlest cycle possible, and air dry once complete; this will clean and deodorize your case, bringing it back to like-new condition.

how to clean the safety case

To prevent the inside of your case from getting sticky with the use of concentrates, we recommend using a non-stick Dab Mat in the interior lid.