How to Clean Your Ceramic Vaporizer


Your new Black Rock Ceramic Vaporizer will get residual oil buildup after repeated use – this is normal! The first place you’ll notice leftover residue is on the outside of the ceramic chamber. You’ll know it’s time to clean your pen when the magnetic connection point becomes sticky as opposed to smooth.

You may also notice some oil buildup on the inside of the atomizer cover at this time. The oil builds up on the inside of the walls during the vaporization process – as the oil gets heated, it turns into a gas that coats the inside of the atomizer cover.

The residue that’s left behind is considered ‘waste’ as it does not contain anymore beneficial compounds. To clean you vaporizer pen and bring it to like-new condition, simply follow the instructions below.

      1. Preheat oven to 175°


        The first step is to preheat your oven to 175°. If your oven temperature does not get that low, you can set it to 200° with no problems; however, we don’t recommend going above this temperature.

      2. Disassemble Pen

         vape pen open

        While the oven is preheating, disassemble your pen into its four respective parts – the battery, the ceramic chamber, the atomizer cover, and the mouthpiece.

      3. Place Ceramic Chamber, Atomizer Cover, and Mouthpiece in Oven

        clean oven

        Line an oven-safe baking sheet with parchment paper or tin foil. Turn the ceramic chamber upside down and place it on the lined cookie sheet – placing it upside down will allow the residual oil to drain out. Place the atomizer cover and mouthpiece on the lined baking sheet face up (normal orientation). Your lined baking tray should now have 3 pieces on it – place the whole tray in the oven. Whatever you do, don’t put the battery in the oven – it will explode! 

      4. Check Every 5 Minutes

         oven wax

        After 5 minutes, use heat mitts to pull the tray out from the oven. Lift up each of the 3 pieces and move to a clean section of parchment or tin foil. You’ll see a ring of oil underneath the previous position of each of the 3 pieces. Repeat this step until you relocate each of the pieces and there are no remaining oil rings. This indicates that you have melted off all the residual oil contained in the pen.

      5. Clean with Isopropyl Alcohol


        Allow the pieces to cool from Step 4 and then use isopropyl alcohol to remove any leftover stickiness. We recommend 91% isopropyl alcohol or stronger – 70% will work but may require more applications. You should use a paper towel or Q-Tips to hand clean any of those stubborn sticky spots. Note that the mouthpiece and atomizer cover can be completely submerged in rubbing alcohol; however, the ceramic chamber cannot! The ceramic chamber contains electronics that connect the battery and should only be cleaned using an alcohol soaked paper towel or Q-tip. The pieces should be entirely clean at this point – they’ll resemble your pen when it was new out of the box! Be sure to let them dry completely before re-assembling and using your pen again.

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