How To Keep Your Stash Child Safe

No one wants to endure the embarrassing experience of explaining their stash to their kids, or worse, having their kids ingest some of their medicine! There are a few very important tips we recommend to all parents looking to mitigate the risks of keeping their stash in a house with children. One thing to realize is there's no reason to DIY your stash box anymore – in fact, it often does more harm than good! While your intentions may be pure pure, DIY stash bags are obvious, leak smells, and aren't child safe.

The industry has matured to a point where savvy brands are producing locking stash boxes and smell proof bags for customers of all different ages and social classes – even professionals! You don't have to get a case with rasta colors or Bob Marley's face on it anymore. There are discreet pocket sized vaporizer cases for travel, tote bags for a weekend away, and even backpacks for those bulky pieces of glass. You've invested in a great vaporizer, a quality grinder, expensive glass, and maybe even a unique rolling tray, so it's only logical to protect these essentials with child-safe, smell proof storage you can trust.

  1. Identify All Your Stash Items

    Anything and everything that might evoke suspicion or prove harmful to a child could be included in your stash. For example, you might want to collect the lighters from around the house. The obvious one is your medicine itself, plus a grinder, pipe, papers, bong, dab rig, dabber, crutches, ash trays, and torches.

  2. Place Them in a Smell Proof Bag

    Regardless of how big your stash is, we make a smell proof bag or case to hold it. The most important thing to look for in your smell proof storage is a fully activated carbon liner. Without this critical reinforcement, the odors you want to contain will eventually permeate the bag, case, or pack. 

  3. Lock the Smell Proof Bag

    Just because it's smell proof doesn't mean it's secure.  Even if an intruder was not lured toward the bag by the smell, and inquisitive toddler could still weasel their way inside. Only by using products that provide a locking system can you guarantee security. We recommend using a combination lock instead of a lock and key so you don't have to worry about carrying the key with you. One benefit to using a lock is that you're certain to comply with the legal requirements for your state. Because the legalization process occurs state by state, there are different rules for transportation and storage, but nearly all states require a lock. We offer 2 different types of locking smell proof bags: a small tote and a larger backpack.

  4. Store In a Discreet Location

    For increased security from young ones, store your stash up high. Any cabinet above chest height on an adult will prove nearly impossible for a child to reach. A few intrepid counter climbers might discover it, but you're better off removing it from the coffee table and keeping it out of easy reach. Another important thing to consider – designate a space for your stash and keep it there consistently. The easiest way to start losing things is changing their storage location too frequently.

  5. How To Use it Safely

    There is no need to share your combination with anyone else, and no one needs to see where your store the bag itself. By keeping your consumption professional and discreet without any shamefulness, you'll set a good example for others while keeping your family safe.