How to Use the Ceramic Vaporizer

ceramic vaporizer unboxing

Your new Ceramic Vaporizer will come shrink wrapped in a package containing the pen itself, a USB charger and a dabber tool. The pen will come fully assembled.

vape pen

Your pen can be disassembled into 4 major pieces – the mouthpiece, the atomizer cover, the ceramic chamber (atomizer) and the battery. To disassemble, pull the mouthpiece off of the atomizer cover, pull the atomizer cover off the ceramic chamber, and finally, unscrew the ceramic chamber from the battery.

ceramic vaporizer charger

The battery is delivered with a partial charge, but we recommend charging it to full capacity right away. If the USB light is red, this indicates the battery is charging. When the light switches to blue, the battery is completely charged and ready for use.

ceramic vaporizer plugged in

You can insert the USB charge into a standard cell-phone style USB wall adapter or right into your computer’s USB port.

ceramic vaporizer chamber

The ceramic chamber, also known as an atomizer, is the element that heats up and results in vaporization. If you look inside the chamber, you’ll see a ceramic donut inside and this is where you want to load your vape oil or wax. Be sure not to overload the chamber, the pen performs better when the chamber is less than half full.

ceramic vaporizer dabber

To use, press the button down and hold while you inhale – the button should light up blue. You may not get much vapor on your first hit or two, this is because the unit is still heating up. Continue to press and hold the button down while you inhale. With each successive inhalation, the ceramic chamber will get hotter. The button can only be held down for a maximum of 10 seconds, after that, the light will flash and heating will stop.

ceramic vaporizer on

To prevent the button from accidentally being pressed when storing or traveling with your vaporizer, press the button 5 times in succession – if performed correctly, the button will flash blue, indicating the unit has been locked. To unlock the unit, press the button 5 times again and the light will flash once more.

ceramic vaporizer in smell proof case

Store your pen in a secure location like the Safety Case, which can also accommodate all of your vape pen accessories and essentials in one convenient place.

How to Clean Your Vape Pen

The Ceramic Vaporizer is very easy to clean. If the pen gets sticky after repeated use, simply wipe down with a rubbing alcohol soaked paper towel. For a deep clean, check out our oven directions.


I keep pressing the button but nothing happens

First, make sure the unit is unlocked. To unlock the pen, press the button 5 times quickly in succession – the light will flash. Then make sure the battery is charged.


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