Safety Case Vape Size Guide

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We're going over some popular vaporizers and how to store them in your safety Case. The main difference in vaporizers is whether or not you use extracts or loose leaf materials. Some pens can be installed easily due to their small size, but others may need to remove the loose leaf chamber or unscrew the extract cartridge in order to store securely. If your pen was not included and you have additional questions, please email our customer service team and we'd be happy to help.



Our Recommendation: Owners of loose leaf pens like the Pax2, Grasshopper, or Atmos Jump, will get more benefit from the Complete Kit because it comes with a Grinder Card.

Pax 1-2-3 by Pax Vapor

Smell Proof Pax Vape Case

Arguably the most popular loose leaf pen available, the Pax smell proof case is the perfect solution for carrying extra loose leaf materials and having a grinder card handy to prepare more!


Smell Proof Grasshopper Vape Case

The Grasshopper smell proof case requires a quick un-screw of the top in order to fit comfortably in the Safety Case, which also happens to make for extremely quick and easy loading when on the go.

Atmos Jump

Smell Proof Vape Case Atmos Jump

The Atmos Jump smell proof case in another example of a loose leaf pen that simply takes a quick removal of the mouthpiece to slip into the Safety Case smoothly. Perfect for a quick session on the move.


Our Recommendation: Extract pen owners will get the most value from purchasing the Complete Kit, because the silicone mat is perfect for managing sticky situations.

Puffco Pro - Plus

Smell Proof Vape Case Puffco

This Puffco vaporizer slips into the smell proof vape case without any issues, and now you can see the benefits of having the silicone mat handy for extracts. Note: The G Pen is the same size as the Puffco, it will fit similarly.

O.penVape Go.Pen Plus

Smell Proof Vape Case OpenVape

O.penVape is a veteran in the vaporizer world and their line of Go.Pens fit with room to spare! Note: many companies including Cloud Vape pens use this same form factor, they will fit easily as well.

Pre-Filled Cartridge Pens

Prefilled Cartridge Vape Case

No one wants to break an expensive extract cartridge in their pocket and have it spill everywhere! Keep you pre-filled cartridge pens in the smell proof vape case and you'll maintain security and discretion on every outing.

Have a vaporizer that's not listed and wonder if it will fit? Please email our friendly customer service staff at