The Best Smell Proof Bag for Any Size Smoke Stash

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Let’s face it, life is crazy and it certainly isn’t slowing down any time soon. It’s not uncommon for many to leave the house early in the morning and not return until late in the evening. As you walk out the front door to greet the sunrise, it's especially important that you're carrying everything you’ll need for the day. 

Smell Proof Security

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Between commuting to and from office, hitting the gym, networking at happy hour, and figuring out dinner – the average weekday gets a bit hectic. For regular consumers who partake for creativity, to unlock their full potential, or as medicine, packing your stash becomes part of the routine. As modern professionals, we recognize the importance of both aesthetics and performance. One without the other seems to defeat the purpose these days, which is why we created a line of smell proof bags, packs and cases that uphold the highest levels of style and discretion.

The Safety Case: Pocket Sized Discretion

Best weed travel safety case 420 stash kit

The Safety Case is our go-anywhere, do-anything solution to managing and transporting your stash. Its design was derived from this simple need; an effective way to integrate cannabis into a very active lifestyle. While it’s day-to-day performance is clear, there are a few specific situations in which the Safety Case truly excels - skiing, concerts, hiking, and fishing – those activities where your stash needs to fit in your pocket.

The Safety Case's exterior aesthetics were largely influenced by the proven performance materials used in ski outerwear. Its Weather-tex™ exterior keeps your supplies dry no matter how many spills you take; just slip the case in a pocket until you’re ready for the next safety meeting. Make sure your case is stocked on the way out the door and you’ll be the life of the party when someone asks for rolling papers.

Dimensions: 5.75" x 2.75" x 1.25"

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The Carryall: Versatility For Your Whole Stash

the carryall

In a day filled with uncertainty, there is no greater comfort than knowing that at the very minimum, your stash bag is safe, secure, and ready for you. The Carryall is our solution at home and for those weekend trips when you may need a few more items like a full size grinder, glassware for your stash, and even a rolling tray. The multi-layer carbon lined interior traps odors from escaping and adsorbs the molecules so you can travel without worry of unwanted attention. Its child-safe locking mechanism ensures you travel with the utmost security and confidence. The locking zipper means you can leave the Carryall at home unattended without concern for your kids opening it up and seeing what's inside.

Dimensions – 10" x 6" x 6"

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The Backpack: Perfect for Larger Items


Sometimes you just want to take everything in your stash, without having to select which specific items to bring – this is the ideal use for the Smell Proof Backpack. No matter where you're headed, arriving in a new destination with all of your smoking supplies in your bag makes life easier – no more stopping at the local headshop for last minute items or wishing you had brought all your glass jars. Just throw everything you have into the locking, smell proof bag and you'll never have to think about whether you forgot something.

The backpack is equally as effective at home – we like to use it as a Russian nesting doll – storing all of our other items and smaller cases inside of it. The truest luxury is being able to bring your bong or dab rig anywhere. You can unfurl the rolltop for additional space, or secure it via the buckles and still have enough room inside for your laptop. Our backpack integrates to your daily life seamlessly and maintains a professional, stylish aesthetic. Protecting your favorite glass is critical for a trip, and our smell proof backpack is perfect for the job.

Dimensions (rolled up) - 18"x 12" x 5"

Dimensions (open) - 25" x 12" x 5"

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