The Last 6 Months September 25, 2014

The last six months have been a whirlwind. As a new company, we have made great progress. We have successfully formed a business and begun the extensive planning process that goes into launching a new product. 

Black Rock Originals was born from an idea – a simple idea that requires challenging the status quo. Simply put, we think customers deserve something better. Our unique approach to business begins at the product development stage. Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of an idea is that it has no physical form until its inventor assigns it one. For instance, rather than outsourcing product design, our team prefers to garner inspiration from the fast-paced world that surrounds us. We find that the most valuable breakthroughs come when we least expect it – on the golf course or stand up paddle boarding. Because we design products for those who live active and healthy lifestyles, it is only fitting that we develop our product with these activities in mind.

Our first product, the Safety Case has been through a series of crucial changes that have helped refine its visual aesthetic, core functionality, ideal dimensions and key features. We have experimented with different mediums and materials including aluminum, titanium, neoprene, canvas, cordura, gore-tex, nylon, ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), and elastics. The right blend of these materials will drive the core functionality of the product, enhance the visual appeal, and improve the customer experience.

Our slogan, ‘Take the High Road,’ embodies both our brand and the customers we aim to serve. For us, it means blazing our own trail in a quickly emerging industry. Recent legal changes around the country have sparked conversations about using plant based remedies, herbs, and concentrates to solve a host of medical and psychological ailments. We understand that everyone has unique needs, desires, and life goals, but no matter your trajectory, Black Rock products will help you along your path.

The Safety Case Collection is set to release in March 2015. We are anxiously anticipating more exact details on the launch from our manufacturing team. We have been holding conferences with our teams on a weekly basis, solving problems and addressing all the unforeseen challenges that arrive as we inch closer to the finished product. As soon as we know more, you’ll know more.


Take the high road.