Monday Motivation - Vol. 1 February 02, 2015

Welcome to Monday Motivation, the first installment of a regularly updated series curated by our team to share the music we listen to in our daily lives. The selection will include a wide range of musical styles from artists that inspire and sounds that excite us. Be on the lookout for new posts to include our favorite mixes, recent song releases, and live sets from artists around the globe.

Good morning! Welcome to February. We have been traveling the western seaboard for the last few days, learning more about the cannabis communities in California, Oregon, and Washington. Traveling can be both mentally and physically exhausting, but the rewards you reap from simply being present in new places have become invaluable to us. As we make our way back to Colorado, the jet lag begins to marinate with the drinks from the game last night, and throwing in the towel begins to sound like a good idea. That's not an option in this life, we have to make every day count! So we turn to the only resolution... music and smoke. This week, our musical taste presents the new school twist on the traditional genres that can occasionally feel stale. We jump from hip hop to R&B, funk to dubstep, and sprinkle in some jazz. One or two of these tunes are old favorites from personal libraries, but the majority are new finds from a smoky post-Super Bowl Soundcloud session over the weekend. If you’re off to a rough start this morning, press play and these tracks will deliver the motivation to make it through the day.



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