Slow Motion Sundays - Vol. 2 March 08, 2015

March has arrived.  Much of the country is still frozen in the depths of winter, and our Colorado headquarters is no exception. The frozen flakes and bitter cold invoke a sense of tranquility and peace and we are doing our best to channel it as we manage all the moving parts of our first release.  After 8 months of development, we are finally ready.   If you want to be the first to know when the news drops, hit our Instagram.

Our second volume of Slow Motion Sundays has a wintery vibe. Whether you’re hunkered down at home or adventuring to the outdoors, this playlist will help keep you warm. This week’s selection is full of sexy R&B vocals, down-tempo beats, and of course, that OVO sound. We are really feeling a new artist by the name of ELHAE (pronounced ‘LA’). ELHAE, an acronym for Every Life Has An Ending, dons from Atlanta, Georgia. He recently released the AURA EP, which has been in constant rotation in our office.  To learn more about him, check out this interview on ELHAE’s Soundcloud.


It’s easy to let your playlists get stale, but our team places a huge emphasis on deriving creativity from the music we listen to during the day. We hope this mix helps you find a new artist, song or sound direction. This playlist features remixes and covers of better-known tracks to present a new take on a familiar sound. If you’re looking for something more upbeat, check out our latest Motivation Monday playlist. Enjoy.

Are you blowin tree and listening to music today? Let us know what you're listening to, we often include recommendations in our updates. Be on the lookout for a product release next week! Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest from Black Rock.




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