Simplify Your Stash: Black Rock Originals Spring 2015 Collection March 16, 2015

Available for Release: March 18, 2015

A Purpose Built Travel Kit Designed For The Modern Cannabis Consumer

DENVER, Colorado, March 17, 2015 -- Today, Black Rock Originals introduces its first collection of travel-inspired accessories centered around the Safety Case. The patent pending, pocket-sized case is durable, water resistant, and smell-proof. Thanks to a refined look and performance inspired exterior, the Safety Case is as useful in the outdoors as it is downtown. In a space that has traditionally been saturated with cheap and flashy merchandise, Black Rock introduces a versatile cannabis travel solution with a re-imagined visual aesthetic.

"Despite its partial legalization, cannabis has largely retained its negative stigma. It became clear that there was a serious disconnect between the perception and the reality of who uses cannabis,” said Tommy Joyce, Black Rock’s co-founder. “The goal was to design a stylish, functional collection equally suited for both the connoisseur and the casual smoker.”

Though the ultra slim aesthetic is what first catches the eye, the Safety Case’s versatile interior is what truly piques the interest of on-the-go smokers. The unique strap system allows customers to secure a variety of smoking supplies including joints, blunts, small pipes, vaporizers, etc. Whatever your smoking style – the Safety Case is a travel-friendly solution.

Not only does the case accommodate your smoking devices, but Black Rock’s collection of Safety Case-compatible accessories are designed with the same active lifestyle in mind. Black Rock currently offers seven different accessories and every Safety Case purchase includes your first three items at no additional charge. Using Black Rock’s online store, customers can choose from rolling papers, storage containers, grinders and more: all manufactured with premium materials and tailored to fit inside the Safety Case. Your personalized smoking kit is just a few clicks away.

The Spring 2015 Collection launches in the U.S. on March 16, 2015 and is available for a limited pre-order on, where the Safety Case will retail for $49.99. The unit will begin shipping Summer 2015.

Over the next 10 weeks, Black Rock will be giving away one Safety Case per week to fans on social media as a part of their release event. Follow the excitement surrounding the Safety Case on Instagram: @BlackRockOG for a chance to win.