Monday Motivation - Vol. 4 March 30, 2015


This week’s Monday Motivation playlist showcases a selection of hip-hop and rap inspired sounds. We have included new releases from Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Vic Mensa, and Tech N9ne. As usual, we sprinkle in some of favorite remixes and R&B cuts.

We are really feeling a rapidly rising artist by the name of Bryson Tiller, out of Louisville, Kentucky. Not much is known about Tiller besides snippets gathered from his Soundcloud and Twitter. He was reportedly co-signed by Timbaland in late 2014.

We appreciate Tiller’s music as he remains original, refusing to stick to one specific genre. As creators, we understand the challenges associated with crafting an original piece. Perhaps the most difficult is ignoring that which already exists. If you haven't already, be sure to check out our Spring 2015 Collection that just dropped. Start your week off strong with an energetic playlist and continue to create, explore, and learn.

We hope this mix helps you be productive, positive, and focused over the week that lies ahead. Please follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest from Black Rock.






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