Monday Motivation - Vol. 5 April 27, 2015

Following the 420 madness in Denver, we flew down to our offices in sunny Southern California – the mecca of west coast rap and hip-hop. In the spirit of sunshine, palm trees, and saltwater, we release a new Monday Motivation playlist that highlights the modern sounds of rap and hip-hop.

With the limited diversity of hip-hop and rap showcased on the local radio, it is easy to get discouraged with the direction of the genre. But don’t fear, we have curated a playlist full of hip-hop and rap bangers that will restore your faith in the sound. With new music from Freddie Gibbs, Vic Mensa, and Tory Lanez, you are sure to find a new favorite.


Moving slowly this morning? This high-energy playlist will help you kick start a productive week. We encourage you to listen on headphones or real speakers (not laptop speakers) to get the full experience. Are you blowin tree and listening to music today? Let us know what you're listening to, we often include recommendations in our updates.  Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest from Black Rock.





Take the high road.