Slow Motion Sundays - Vol. 6 May 18, 2015


This past week was quite hectic and unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to upload our latest Slow Motion Sundays playlist until today. But where we struggled in timing, we made up for in quality – this playlist is sure to keep you vibing through the week.

This installment of Slow Motion Sundays begins with a hip-hop inspired sound and then progresses into an R&B section. We wrap up with playlist with a selection of wavy electronic beats. The mix showcases new music from HXNS, Jordxn Bryant, and ELHAE. Our favorite track this week comes from Remy Lennox, a relatively unknown producer from the US.


Whether its music, travel, or literature, there is always something new to be discovered. We hope that this soundtrack fuels your quest for new knowledge and experiences.