Slow Motion Sundays - Vol. 7 June 14, 2015

We are really excited about this week’s Slow Motion Sundays playlist. It seems as though the release of new music comes in waves, and we just got hit with a big one. With new tunes from IAMNOBODI, Kehlani, and Alina Baraz, this playlist is full of good vibes.

We recently discovered a new artist by the name of Melo-Zed, a 19-year-old producer hailing from the UK. Born into a musically talented family, Melo-Zed began playing the classical guitar at the tender age of 6. Although he prefers not to be pigeonholed into a specific genre, Melo-Zed’s sound has been self-described as ‘future soul’. For more from Melo-Zed, be sure to check out his Soundcloud page.


Take the vibes from this playlist with you into the coming week. We are just a few weeks away from shipping our first batch of Safety Case orders and will be enjoying these tunes as we wind down from a hectic week. Have you copped your Safety Case yet? Don’t miss drop #1!