New Safety Case Colorways in Stock March 29, 2016

new color safety case

For those of you who were holding out, our best selling Charcoal Safety Case is back in stock! We are also excited to announce the release of our newest Camel Safety Case colorway, inspired by pro beach volleyball player Jeff Samuels. Tired of getting sand in his vaporizer, Jeff needed a storage solution that would allow him to focus on the activity on hand instead of managing his pen and concentrates.

Travel stoner kit

We understand how difficult it can be to load a vaporizer or pack a bowl in the the elements – trying and find a spot that's out of the wind, making sure it has a flat surface to work on, and then sorting though the mess of items scattered through your various pockets – but it doesn't have to be this challenging. 

Puffco vape case vaporizer kit smoking case

The Safety Case Vape Kit eliminates that mess of smoking and vaporizing supplies in your pocket and consolidates them into a single, protective case – this is not your average 'stoner' kit.

Smoking kit travel

People who enjoy using a one hitter and have previously used a dugout will appreciate our new combination of Pebbles with the Hitter.

pipe dugout one hitter smoking kit

You no longer have to worry about breaking, losing, or forgetting another item in your stash.

stoner kit