Black Rock Originals
  • Smoke Collection

    The Smoke Collection is designed for those who take pride in their technique. When it comes to rolling up, the best smoking accessories focus on the little things. Preparing your smoke takes patience and attention to detail, plus a few essentials that always seem to be in short supply.

    For the seasoned rollers who never have a grinder on the go, say goodbye to hand-crumbled cannabis and step up your game with the Shredder. The true connoisseur understands the relationship between properly prepared flower and a consistent burn. Every smoker knows how clutch a pack of papes or a fresh lighter can be, which is why we offer true hemp papers and the classic Bic lighter.

    Often neglected and widely under-appreciated, Crutches are simple additions to the rolling arsenal that dramatically improve the smoking experience.  Simply fold one into the appropriate diameter and insert at the smoking end.  Your friends will thank you when you pass it to them.