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    #1. Trying To DIY a Kit Yourself

    Using a hodgepodge of items that weren’t designed to work together results in a cumbersome kit that fails to work as a system. You end smelling like your stash or worse, breaking your favorite vape pen or pipe instead of enjoying the experience. Our system allows you to carry everything you need regardless of how much stuff you have.

    #2 Lack of Discretion: Smell can Offend Others

    Choosing a case that doesn’t use a carbon liner to provide odor protection has embarrassing consequences when friends and family start turning up their noses. Be sure your storage uses non-porous materials and odor eliminating technologies to contain smell.

    #3 Using Immature, Cheap Products

    There is a time and place for cheap goods – concealing and protecting your stash is not one of them. Cheap goods don’t last and actually end up costing more in the long run because they need to be replaced repeatedly. Instead, invest in your peace of mind. Paying more upfront for a quality product that lasts longer makes financial sense.

    #4 Lack of Research: We Are a BBB Accredited Business

    If you haven’t looked into the company’s policies – you may find an unpleasant surprise. If the company doesn’t offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, Easy Return Policy and a Two Year Warranty, you’re settling for less than the industry standard.

    #5 No Size Variety to Suit Your Needs

    Most companies only make huge bags for large volume or tiny cases that have to go inside something else. We believe a stash case doesn’t serve its purpose if it can’t be carried conveniently and discreetly as a standalone item. Our stash systems range from pocket size cases to full size smell proof backpacks.

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