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    Scenario: Customer buys 1-3 pre-rolled joints

    Response: “I see you’re grabbing a few pre-rolled joints, we actually just got a really cool new joint holder in stock. Let me show you. As you can see it’s compact, but it has more than enough room for your pre-rolls as well as extra rolling supplies.”


    Scenario: Customer buys concentrates for a vape pen

    Response: “Do you take your pen on the go much? You can really simplify the loading process with this vaporizer case from Black Rock Originals. It’s got room for your pen as well as the concentrate you just got. It allows you to carry everything you need to load your pen in a compact kit.”


    Scenario: Customer buys a vaporizer pen

    Response: "You made a really great choice with this pen, it hits great. One thing I would recommend is investing in a case to protect it. We just got these sleek new vaporizer cases that protect your pen – the last thing you want is to accidentally crush it. These cases offer great protection and they also come with non-stick storage containers, dab mats, and dabbers to make loading easy wherever you are”


    Scenario: Customer talks about going skiing/hiking/outdoors/etc.

    Response: “That’s awesome, the outdoors are great! One thing that’s really improved my outdoor experience has been incorporating the use of the Safety Case. This all-in-one smoking kit has everything you need for an outdoor smoke or vape and it fits right in your pocket.”


    Scenario: Customer asks about traveling with vape pen, grinder, etc.

    Response: “TSA has actually stated publicly that traveling with a vape pen is okay so long as it’s stored in your carry-on luggage. One thing that we recommend when traveling is storing your vape pen and accessories in a smell-proof case like this.”


    “Traveling with a grinder/pipe/etc. is okay so long as it is clean of any residue. One thing we recommend when traveling is using a smell-proof smoking kit like this that contains everything you need to smoke or vape. You’ll have everything you need when you land.”


    Scenario: Customer talks about hiding it from their kids/co-worker/etc.

    Response: “I totally understand the need for discretion, it’s really unfortunate that society as a whole still believes in outdated stereotypes. We actually just got these smell-proof stash cases from a company who places an emphasis on discretion for upscale smokers. As you can see, it’s sleek and easily incorporates into everyday life.”


    Scenario: Customer asks about grinders

    Response: “Yes, we have the traditional 4-piece grinders here – we also offer the all-in-one version here depending on what you’re looking for. These kits come stocked with a pipe, grinder, storage containers – everything you need to smoke on the go.”


    Scenario: Customer asks about one hitter pipes

    Response: "Yep, we have all kinds: traditional glass pipes as well as stealthy options/all-in-one varieties. This smoking kits comes with a discreet one-hitter and everything you need to load it in a smell proof case.”


    Scenario: Customer is looking for a stealthy way to carry their stash

    Response: “You came to the right place! We just got these new smell proof stash cases that would be perfect for you. They carry everything you need to smoke and fit in your pocket or purse. We really like how they look like an iPhone case or wallet.”


    Scenario: Customer hasn’t smoked in years but is looking to get back into it again

    Response: “Great! Well I know it can be intimidating with all the new methods out there, but sometimes it’s best to stick to the basics. We suggest vaporizing or smoking just a few hits from a pipe to start. If you don’t have the equipment, we have a great starter kit that includes everything you need to smoke for the first time.”

    Why Customers LOVE Our Product

    These are the words used by customers to describe why they love our product:

    - Protection

    - Sleek/Stylish

    - Professional

    - Discreet (No One Will Ever Know)

    - Quality

    - Smell Proof

    - Convenience

    - Simple/Easy to Use

    - Portable & Compact

    - User Friendly

    - Has Everything You Need

    - High End

    - Makes My Daily Routine Easier

    - Fits my Vape Pen Perfectly

    - Great for Travel & Adventure

    - The Perfect Gift