Black Rock Originals


    Black Rock was created by Nick & Tommy, two guys dedicated to setting the standard in smell proof stash storage and associated service. The beginnings of Black Rock can be traced to the summer of 2014. While living in Denver, we spent our weekdays in office buildings and our weekends skiing, camping, and traveling to other parts of the country. We were both leading busy and active lives that often included our stash.

    Black Rock Originals Co-Founders

    Nick (left) & Tommy

    After improvising with rudimentary solutions like dopp kits, Altoid tins and sunglasses cases, we realized that nothing on the market satisfied the needs of the modern consumer – one who doesn’t conform to the lazy stereotype. Once we realized we weren’t going to find a pocket-sized, smell proof storage solution that fit our needs, we set out to create one.

    "We refuse to compromise functionality or style. It must have both, that's the trick."

    As longtime residents, we had grown to truly embrace the Colorado lifestyle. Our lives were fast paced, often taking us from the office to the mountains to a concert in the same day. Thus, it was vital that we created a case that was smell proof and able to maintain discretion in public and during sensitive moments throughout the day. For this reason, we refused to compromise on functionality or style. In order to achieve this goal, we took materials and design inspiration from our favorite performance gear and applied them in a different context. This allowed us to create a smell proof kit that addressed the key requirements for those that enjoy smoke or vapor, while infusing our favorite elements of outdoor product technology and modern cultural influences.

    Following months of product development, we watched our idea take visual form and the Safety Case was created along with the line of components that bring its true functionality to life. To us, Black Rock Originals is more than just an accessory company. We're bootstrapping this business ourselves in order to create something bigger: a brand that actively supports individuals who debunk the lazy stereotype. Our products make the right statement by incorporating a refined and relatable exterior to a traditionally distasteful space.

    "The product speaks to the customer, our community actively debunks the lazy stereotype."

    In addition to producing great products, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and facilitating a positive buying experience. We believe that everyone should have peace of mind when making a new purchase – that’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year warranty on all products. Not sure if your vaporizer pen will fit? Our customer support team is available via email to answer any questions you may have. Plus, our products are delivered right to your front door, which means no more uncomfortable trips to the headshop. We take the stress out of creating a custom stash box. Thank you for your continued support; we couldn’t have made it to this point without you. 


    Take the high road.