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    $ 9.95

    Designed for maximum versatility, the Tool is used as a bowl poker, joint packer, and concentrate dabber. The Tool features a spoon-shaped tip, which makes sticky chores like loading your vape pen chamber much easier. When you're done, store the Tool against the Dab Mat to ensure the inside of your Safety Case doesn't get sticky also. If dabbing or vaporizing is your style, a portable dabber is a must have for your Safety Case. For flower connoisseurs, the Tool's tail-end is perfect for clearing bowls and packing joints.

      Stainless Steel
      Spoon-Shaped Tip
      Handles oils, waxes and concentrates
      Cylindrical tail for packing joints and clearing bowls
      Height: 3.1"
      Weight: 1.4g

    Dual-End Versatility

    The cylindrical end makes the Tool perfect for clearing that little hole that gets clogged in one hitters and pipes. This end is also great for doing a final pack of your joints.

    Stainless Steel

    The Tool is made from stainless steel, which won’t bend, warp, or change shape even when heated and cooled continually – perfect for daily dabbing. It won’t corrode, rust, or stain either.

    Spoon Tip

    The Tool’s spoon shaped tip makes getting concentrates out of your Pebble much easier. It's versatile shape handles concentrates with shattery, buddery, sappy, waxy and snap n pull consistencies. It is especially helpful for handling granular concentrates, like dry sift and ice water hash, that are difficult to pick up without a scooper.